The Tarot

One of C.G. Jung's favourites - and one of ours. As Mr. Jung himself, we see in the Tarot cards a systematic collection of symbols, the language of the subconscious. The value of this?
The ideas you can get from a random card and a make-up story might tell you more about yourself than all the questionnaires in the world.

We love working with the Tarot. We use it as a tool for coaching, but if you are up for the old-school-divination card reading, we are the real deal.

If this is not your thing, that is also fine, we have more rabbits in our hat and more toys in our basket.

good old Tarot card readings

Like every other tool we use, we customise our Tarot card reading layouts for each one of you. This means that you will probably not get a Celtic Cross or a Tree of Life, but a full thorough reading with the maximum a Tarot deck has to offer.
It is good to have an idea about what you want to get out of it, but no worries if you don't. We'll help you put your finger on it. And remember, we read for everyone, the fans and the sceptics.