Katerina Pavlou

founder of The Lightworks Method

I have given time to many interests - a Law degree, the film business, spiritual trainings - and I have gotten a lot in return. I can't stop learning, listening and developing as a person and a professional.

The Lightworks Method was born by the desire to create a versatile and imaginative coaching method which works fast and on point  -and at the same time helps create a healthy, beautiful outlook on life. I think that people don't give ourselves much credit, time, and tenderness. It just takes a shift in our understanding of ourselves and the world, like a deep breath of fresh air.

From my experience there is a lot of common ground between sciences, the arts and spirituality. It is still often that we find ourselves choosing sides, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being an analytical person myself, I discovered early though that a lot of every-day-life-helpful spiritual tools were not available to people like me.

Therefore I decided to start translating, de-coding, and basically bringing down to earth a lot of spiritual information available only to the ones who would subscribe to one school or another. I wanted to make it relatable, practical and beneficial to all without having to believe in or practice anything but common sense. That is my trademark and my fair part of fun in my work. 
That and happy clients.